The first Gameplay Trailer of Majestic Nights, presented by Lead Designer Samuel Jensen. 

First game play thing for the game I’ve been working on. I think this was from a few weeks ago. Things are looking even nicer now. Plus the sound track is pretty awesome.

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/posts the thing

/deletes the thing 
birdlady sketch time is anytime
sketchbook spam that I was going to do something with but then I realised working on a windows surface is kinda a pain in the butt. 
Q: holy shit man, i just found your tumblr cause someone reblogged your art on my dash checked you out and saw that ask about gaia. i'm meredy on gaia, i think i was in that shop too. small world.

Oh gooosh hey!! The magic on the internet! I’m pretty sure I remember your username from around a couple of places I loitered on gaia.

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trying to put some time into getting back into drawing actual characters. 
testing out working with windows surface. everything is so tiny and idk about the colours (the display seems a bit dark??). BUT portable digital art. 
also. hey new  followers. i’m sorry? I guess?