throwing colours at sketches hoping it makes them look better.
this is my life. also tree ghost possum accidental bad luck spreading people

wow. The Plague. Hey Old characters.
idk. I don’t ever do throw back stuff/reblogging my own things BUT WHATEVER. I have too much other stuff going on to make anything new/good and I was looking for something in my past posts anyway.
Here’s something from this time last year? (or maybe the year before).

hymnets replied to your photo “trying out Krita and wasting time it’s kinda nice for lines? and has…”

this is lovely. check out Moebius if you haven’t yet!

his art style was a huge inspiration for this (lines + brightish colours + gradients)! I’ve always prefered drawing environments in a similar way, but with a big focus on empty space, so I’m trying to find a way to make my floating spaces into more coherent concepts and Moedius is kind of helping to answer some of those questions? 

or I’m just completely ripping off his style 

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trying out Krita and wasting time
it’s kinda nice for lines? and has some awesome texturing tools (live wrapping/offset!!!). but I think it’s a bit limited in the layer tools? I live on layer grouping and adjustment layers and so far I can’t find them. 

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I always loved these kinds of drawings of yours.

aw thanks. There’s probably going to be a bit of a spam of them this week. Doing some style tests of a game project that might be using that style/approach in some parts. 

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Q: Maleficent, #2

I just relised I know nothing about Maleficent. Like, I haven’t even seen Sleeping Beauty. What was I doing with my childhood???

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